Faceted Star of David Green Aventurine Pendant

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Choose a beautiful natural style with this Faceted Star of David Green Aventurine Pendant. This pendant features a breathtaking bright Green Aventurine crystal. It has been star faceted to show off its tone.

Aventurine is a very helpful stone of prosperity. You can wear Aventurine to absorb electromagnetic smog and guard you against environmental pollution. This crystal has the power to defuse negative situations and turn them around.

The Star of David is an ancient, sacred symbol which is used in many spiritual traditions globally. This six-pointed star is a combination of a downward pointing triangle and an upward pointing triangle. The downward triangle denotes creative, female, Yang or Shakti energy; the infusion of the Divine into matter. On the other hand, the upward triangle denotes male, Yin or Shiva energy; the ascension of Spiritualized matter back to the Divine. Besides, this is the symbol of the cycles of Creation: the manifestation of the Divine into matter and Ascension or Dissolution- the return of Spiritualized matter back to its Divine Source.

Key benefits
  • Help to reinforce your leadership qualities and decisiveness
  • Assists to calm and stabilize your emotions and dissolves negative thoughts
  • Help you to relieve stammers and severe neuroses
  • It is very beneficial to stabilize blood pressure and boost the metabolism level, reduce cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis and heart attacks
  • Relieve skin problems such as skin eruption and allergies.
  • It balances the heart chakra and promotes spiritual growth and gratitude for what you have.

  • If you are unsure about what you want your crystal for, but attracted to wearing one, then you can choose one that resonates to your Zodiac sign, earthing celestial energies.

    It is a perfect match for
  • Aries
  • Libra

  • However, it is always more beneficial to buy a crystal stone that suit to your specific needs or to which you are spontaneously attracted, rather than one you feel you should have simply because it is linked to your Zodiac sun sign, which is only one aspect of your full birthchart.

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