Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet

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This bracelet is made up of beautiful Phantam Quartz beads with a lovely shine. Wear it with other crystal jewellery or on its own for easy style.

Phantom Quartz symbolizing the many lifetimes of the soul, a Phantom facilitates broader spiritual awareness and assists with transitions. Physically, this stone activates healing ability and facilites healing the physical body through amendments to the etheric blueprint. It is a stone for "career" which will help you to get your dreamed job and employed easily.

Wear this Green Phantom Quartz bracelet will not only improve your career opportunities but also wealth luck. Besides, it is a protective stone for your heart. The red inclusions will help to alleviate your works related stresses, to heal kidney or liver related illness, to promote better inter personal relationship with colleagues and people around you as well as to attract benefactors.

You are advised to wear it on your left hand during the normal working hours but on your right hand if you are required to attend meeting or meet up important customers/clients or any event which require you to do presentation or sell ideas. Wearing Green Phantom Quartz will increase your productivity at works and to obtain better rewards in returns (e.g. higher salary increment, promotion and etc).

For those are applying for a new job, you are advised to wear it on your right hand during the interview session in order to improve your chances of success and to beat the competitors. Remember to program your crystal with “to get a dreamed work successfully”.

Key benefits
  • Keep you grounded and protected, creating psyhic shield.
  • Rapidly absorbs negative energy and toxins and clears a build-up of negative energy anywhere in the body or environment.
  • Ameliorates panic attacks, stabilizes bi-polar disorder and helps with self-realization.
  • Facilitates angelic contact and clarifying clairaudient communication.
  • It alleviates despair and helps you feel supported.

  • If you are unsure about what you want your crystal for, but attracted to wearing one, then you can choose one that resonates to your Zodiac sign, earthing celestial energies.

    It is a perfect match for
  • Virgo

  • However, it is always more beneficial to buy a crystal stone that suit to your specific needs or to which you are spontaneously attracted, rather than one you feel you should have simply because it is linked to your Zodiac sun sign, which is only one aspect of your full birthchart.

  • Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet X 1
  • Oriental Pouch X 1

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